Breastfeeding – Painting


Ah, breastfeeding. Some days that feels like all I do. Like yesterday when Fiona went through a growth spurt and wanted to feed non-stop from 11am to 11pm and skip all her naps.

Babies are so amazing. When they are born, they have a limited range of focus. It just so happens that the distance their eyes can focus is the length between their eyes and their mother’s eyes as they are breastfeeding.

And I have to say, there really is nothing sweeter than when they stare up at you while they are nursing and gaze so affectionately into your eyes.


(I actually did parts of this painting while breastfeeding Fiona!)

31 thoughts on “Breastfeeding – Painting

  1. I like the way Fiona is looking at you in the painting. If only more people would realize that this is what education is really about, setting up a relationship based upon nurturing, because everything else flows from that.


  2. Your painting says it all – the love that connects mom and baby. When the baby nurses, it is actually a little love break. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful perspective. Mom


  3. Thank you for sharing your painting. I like that you painted parts of it while nursing Fiona. I remember those days when I was able to read while nursing, but that stopped long ago thanks to little miss curiosity. Breastfeeding is such a blessing in many ways, for both mother and child. Last month when Svara was sick I was so glad she was still nursing, as that is all she wanted to do all day and it made her relaxed and helped her sleep as much as she needed to to get better.


  4. Can I upload your above image to my breastfeeding application on Facebook? It’s a gift application for people to send supportive breastfeeding pics to one another.
    I can utilize your link as the title for the image.
    Let me know


  5. Dear Elizabeth,

    I would be honored that you want to use my painting! I’d love to see the finished product. Would you send it to me when you’re done? (I’m on facebook too. You can find me at Erika Hastings.) Thanks!



  6. what a beautiful pic, i would also love to use it for my pic on an ap site if that would be ok i shall link it back to your home page ; )


  7. What a gorgeous painting. Do you sell prints? If not, you should! Do you mind if I use it as my profile pic on Facebook for a while?

    I would love to know what that ap that Elizabeth mentioned is…


  8. Hi Karin,

    Thank you! You are most welcome to use painting. I’m not currently selling any art or prints right now while I have little kids, but I will resume sales again in the future. I can put you on a contact list if you are interested.


  9. Yes, please do!

    I have provided a link to your website on my profile. I have already received several comments on the painting- people seem to love it!


  10. Erika, your work is wonderful! You’re blessed with an amazing talent. I currently work at a family practice and we’re trying to reach out to our first time mom to give breastfeeding a chance. We would love to use your breastfeeding art work for our bulletin board! Please let us know if we could use it, we’ll add painting credits so everyone can see your beautiful work!


  11. Hi Erika, I work for The Liverpool Womens Hospital as a breastfeeding peer support worker. I’m updating our leaflet for new mums who need contact addresses and I need a photo for the front page,would I be able to use this photo please? I will have to clear it with my team leader and all four infant feeding advisors at the hospital,but just wanted to see what you would think?? It’s a very beautiful photo!!

    Many thanks

    Lorraine Kirk


  12. Hi Erika! I chanced upon your blog while searching for a babywearing image/graphic. I love your blog. And I absolutely adore your paintings. I hope you don’t mind but I used your breastfeeding painting in my blog. I acknowledged it as your work and link back to your blog.

    Thanks so much and keep on writing and painting and inspiring.


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