Nice soft playdough recipe

Here is a fantastic, soft playdough recipe that, if stored properly, can last for years.

4 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 Tablespoons cream of tartar
8 tablespoons of oil
4 cups of water

Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, add any food coloring you like and cook it in a pan on low heat until it is thick and not sticky. Knead the dough for two minutes. Store it in a plastic bag inside of a plastic container and keep it in the fridge.

This recipe makes a lot of playdough, so you can half the recipe if you want to make less.

11 thoughts on “Nice soft playdough recipe

  1. Erika, I love your art! You have a beautiful family,great play dough resipe and a beautiful picture that you made. Thanks for sharing this! My son’s site needs to be updated, It’s behind by about a yr. Nathan’s 4 1/2 now.
    We are headed to Dallas soon for a 5 wk hospitalization in one of the Baylor CHildren’s Hospitals for a inpatient intensive feeding program.
    You looked like a neat person, with a undrstanding of kids! ha! Helps when you have your own small day care in yourown house right?🙂
    God bless you guys, and please share Nathan’s web site with your friends, and other moms you know. Please add him to any prayer lists you might be on too. God bless you and your family!


  2. Hello Lesli,

    I’m so happy that the playdough worked out for you! I have a dear friend who’s daugther has C.F. as well and I know the heartache and struggles that she has been through, which sounds like you have as well.

    You and your son are in my thoughts and prayers,


  3. I am making it again tonight. It was such a hit at our play coop. This time, I mixed everything with a whisk in the pot I was going to cook it in, and then just moved it over to the stove. Remember to use a regular spoon once you put in on the heat, or you will have a big mess in your whisk🙂


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